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One of our greatest loves is being part of your memorable wedding and celebratory day by designing bespoke invitations. We work directly with our clients, and transform their vision and style into their dream invitation. The final invitation product is printed using several print techniques, such as screen printing, offset or digital, embossing, and more, with our meticulous attention to detail.

Aparna and Lapo

This wedding invitation brings together the marriage of the two cultures – the vibrant Italian aesthetic with an Indian tree of life and parrots intertwined.

Tehzeeb and Prem

Victorian flowers and birds, contrasting typography, with dusty pastel colors was the theme of this invitation.

Pooja and Neil

An Indian wedding in the Dominican Republic required some fun and frolic to this invitation design— elephants and palm trees, scalloped edges, delicate and bold typography came together seamlessly in this invitation design.

Rahul and Ashley

These two parrots were inspired by a painting that hung in Rahul’s home, embossed and screen printed in metallic gold.

Rinku and Simon

This invitation is a perfect example of using various print techniques to your advantage. The papers are pasted together with a color printed below and a neat laser cut above.

KarunaGustavi_Detail1 (1)
KarunaGustavi_Detail2 (1)
Karuna and Gustavo

Bright blue from Portuguese tiles and a bright Indian turmeric yellow bring together Karuna’s Indian and Gustavo’s Portuguese heritages.

Mashal and Imran

Classic, beautiful, with elegant typography makes this one of our favorite invitations.

Nisha and Rohit

Bold and large marigolds adorn this invitation, hinting at their wedding decor.

Sonia and Shalina’s Birth Announcement

Announcing the arrival of twin girls, with old school prams and laser cut edges of French lace, this invitation is both elegant and mature.

Ishaan’s birth Announcement

The prince has arrived, standing tall and bold upon the elephants trunk. The ecstatic parents are ready for the circus of parenting to start!

Piusha and Praveen

We love the flamboyant typography and bright colors in this invitation, while still keeping the design classic and elegant.

Rano and Pravir

Years later, we still crush over the beautiful colors of this invitation and laser cut belly band.

Aspire to Inspire
A Great Gatsby Gala for a private school in New York City